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We are open!

We are open!

Our opening hours and librarian attention service is::

Monday to Friday :    9:00 – 21:00 h.

Saturday :     9:00 – 14:00 h.

From 1st October you can find us in the new building EADA Barcelona City Centre Campus

All the electronic resources are available 24/7 in the Virtual Campus under the Documentation Centre.

For any question or request do not hesitate to write us at:


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Nizagara: Best generic sildenafil citrate pill!

Nizagara is an online laboratory for health market research and health strategy resources, such as reviews, best practices, award-winner shops, news and industry information, harvested in-house and from specialized partners, as well as statistical data and profiles from the World’s leading brands.
It also includes Fildena, Sildalis, Malegra, Kamagra and other pills reviews.

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Acceso a la colección Business de Alexander Street Press

alexander street pressAcceso a prueba a la base de datos Alexander Street que ofrece más 12.000 materiales que pueden usarse para el aprendizaje en clase, blended y en línea. Nuestra gama de contenidos incluye libros de texto, capítulos de libros, casos de casotecas bien conocidas, video de capacitación corporativa, documentos comerciales de ejemplo e informes de investigación orientados a ejecutivos. Alexander Street ofrece contenidos de partners como The Society for Human Resource Management, Kellogg School of Management, Bloomberg TV, Inc. Magazine, Berrett-Koehler Publishers y muchos más. Nuestras colecciones de negocios están diseñadas para que el material de aprendizaje de alta calidad sea fácil de descubrir, mejorar y enriquecer la preparación del curso, mejorar el aprendizaje de los estudiantes y ampliar los materiales de investigación empresarial.

Acceso disponible desde el Campus de EADA hasta el 9 de diciembre.

¡No te lo pierdas!

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Acceso a prueba al portal estadístico Statista

statista-logoAcceso a prueba al portal estadístico Statista. Más de 80.000 temas provenientes de más de 18.000 fuentes de información, dando así acceso a más de un millón y medio de estadísticas, previsiones, estudios, dossiers e infografías.

Acceso disponible desde el Campus de EADA hasta el 9 de diciembre.

¡No te lo pierdas!

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Works in EADA

The Library informs you that due to building works the reading room may have to close for a few days. The opening hours will be announced in the Virtual Campus (Documentation Center) or by calling EADA.

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Crisis or opportunity?

Mergermarket, a mergers and acquisitions database covering firms on all continents.

Access all the latest updates on merger and acquisition proceedings in the news, reports, a historical deals database, and company profile formats before and after completion of operations.

Mergermarket is available for the EADA participants through the Virtual Campus – Documentation Centre – Resources.
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The documentary collection of the CdD

Documentaries about the climate change, the water crisis, the contamination of food and rivers, the impact of the new technologies, the garbage management, and more.
Click here to see the list of the latest DVD available in the Documentation Centre and take them on loan.
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Are you working on your project? Do you need information and cannot find it?

Company reports, competence reports, news, market reports, consumer reports, SWOT analysis… This and many more information is available in GMID, Datamonitor, SABI, Factiva, ABI/Inform, GRS, Mergermarket, Alimarket and other databases.
Contact us by email (cdd@eada.edu), telephone or in the 7th floor if you need help for using them.

These databases are at your disposal, until the end of your program, at Virtual Campus – Documentation Centre – Resources – Databases. Take advantage of them!

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More than 2.000 news published in one day!

To know what has been published in information sources of all around the world about one topic, to look for listed companies reports and to be informed about the stock market fluctuations, use the Factiva database, available in Documentation Centre – Resources – Databases.
Besides, you will find user guides to use it in Looking for information – Tutorial resources.
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What is happiness, really?


Funny, intelligent, filled with suggestions and, at the same time, rigorous. This is an essential book about happiness. A publishing hit in the United States, praised by the critics and recommended by the most prestigious experts on this subject.


If you are interested in this topic, you will find this and other books on human psychology at the CdD. You can also follow our twits #happywork through the twitter account @cddeada

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Do you tweet?… We do! Follow the CdD

The faster you know the information, the better. You will be updated with the most interesting information published worldwide through our CdD Twitter. Follow our Tweets!

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Are you looking for company SWOT analysis?

In the Business Source Premier and Datamonitor you will find the SWOT analysis of international companies.

In Business Source Premier you can write the name of the company and “SWOT” in one of the search fields (e.g. Volkswagen SWOT).

In Datamonitor, in the Companies section, you can look for the name of the company. After selecting the company in the result list, you can download the whole report or select the SWOT analysis part.
You will find this databases in Documentation Centre – Resources – Databases.
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