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External relations

EADA Knowledge & Information Centre is in contact with other Libraries and Centres of similar characteristics with the aim of exchanging experiences, taking part in joint projects and promoting the development of new tools and products which will improve its services.

KIC Policies

Know our policies about this topics:

EADA KIC offers its services to all members of the EADA Community.

The members of EADA Community are:

  • Participants on all EADA programmes
  • EADA faculty and researchers
  • EADA’s service and administrative staff
  • EADA Alumni Members
  • Former participants

The Knowledge & Information Centre is a quite coworking space for individual work, study or little group work. Users are encouraged to maintain a quiet environment in respect to other users occupying the room.

It is recommended to do group meetings in the work rooms (23, 31, 44, 51, 65 and 71).

The use of mobile phones inside the Knowledge & Information Centre is strictly prohibited.

It is not allowed to eat or consume uncovered drinks in the room.

It is recommended not to make phone calls or videoconferences that could annoy other users.
  • The EADA project collection is available to users of the KIC for consultation. Projects on paper format cannot be taken out on loan but you can access the electronic format of the projects using the catalogue in the Virtual Campus and the Intranet. Please, make a responsible and ethic use of them.
  • The projects in paper format can be used in the KIC, and the digital format can be checked through the Virtual Campus, using the catalogue.
  • The documents that make up the KIC collection must be properly handled in order to ensure their conservation. In the event that one or more documents are damaged they will be replaced and the ensuing costs will be charged to the person responsible for the damage.
  • Intentional misplacement or removal of a book from the library is considered a serious misdemeanour and the person will automatically forfeit their right to enter the KIC.
  • Consulted volumes must be deposited on the book tray or left on the tables. Under no circumstances must they be put back on the shelves

Copyrights and information resources

Users of the KIC must respect the copyrights of works that are available via EADA Virtual Campus. Documents under copyright cannot be modified, adapted, manipulated, transformed, translated, nor can works be derived from them without the express permission of the author/s. EADA reserves the right to refuse access to the KIC to users who infringe the copyrights of information resources.

Information resources licenses

The information resources provided by the KIC are governed by licenses agreed upon between EADA and the information providers, which stipulate that they are for academic use only and that any use for commercial purposes or for professional activities other than the School’s activities, is strictly prohibited. Generally speaking, according to the licenses for electronic resources provided by the KIC, users may not:

  • Allow unauthorised users to access the information resources
  • Modify or create works derived from the resources without the permission of the copyright holder of the materials
  • Delete, hide or modify any resources protected by copyright
  • Use resources under copyright for commercial purposes
  • Download information resources on mass from the platforms which provide access to them


Access to the Knowledge & Information Centre’s services may be denied to anyone who fails to comply with the conditions of use of information resources. In accordance with the corresponding licenses, access to Passport and SABI is restricted to EADA course participants, faculty and personnel.

You can take on loan, at the same time and during 15-day periods:

  • 4 books (up to 2 about the same topic)
  • 2 magazines
  • 2 DVDs

The loans can be renewed when there is no reservation done by another user.

Non-loanable documents: documents with a green label, projects, the latest issues of the magazines.


The books on loan can be reserved. The estate of a document can be checked through the Catalogue.

Once the document is available, an email will be send to the user who has reserved the document and he/she will have a week to pick it up.

To make reservations and renewals, contact us from Monday to Friday from 9h to 21h and Saturdays from 9h to 14h, in 93 452 08 44 (Ext. 214) or kic@eada.edu


It is necessary to renew or return the documents during the loan period of time. One non-returned document will cause the user exclusion of the loan service.

If one user losses or returns a document in a bad condition, he/she will have to pay for the document or buy a new issue.

Loan check

Check your loans through the option My loans in the Virtual Campus.

Once the Program is finished, Participants willing to keep on using the loan service will have to become EADA Alumni members.

Document suggestions

The suggestions will be evaluated by the person in charge with the acquisitions and they will be bought if they are suitable with the KIC resources and budget.

Noncompliance with the regulations as well as any other behaviour not mentioned above which is not deemed acceptable by the Knowledge & Information Centre or by its users, after it has been reported to staff will lead to the person’s expulsion from the Knowledge & Information Centre.