The importance of citing and referencing.


To cite and reference the information source that you have checked to make your project, will help you to:

  • Recognize the work of other people and respect the copyright.
  • Show the knowledge about the sector or area you work on.
  • Avoid plagiarism, as you are recognizing the work of others.
  • Give reliability and transparency to your project.


Difference between cites and references.


Cites are used within the text and are used to explain if the idea that you are expressing comes from others, by directly mention it or paraphrasing it.

References are used to create a citation list and also the bibliography.

Cites and references in your project will have the style that you choose. It has to be always the same.


Cite and reference style.


There are several styles used in the academic environment. One of the most known and used styles is Harvard, but you can use any of the official styles.

The only thing you need is to use the same style for cites and references, so you maintain the coherence along the project.


Some styles of cites and references:



ISO 690


Reference managers.


There are different free programs in the Internet that will help you manage your references and create the bibliography of your project. Some examples are: