Opening hours & services

  • What are the Documentation Centre’s opening hours?

The Documentation Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 14:00

  • Who can use the Documentation Centre’s services?

The Documentation Centre offers its services to all the members of the EADA Community:

  • Participants on all EADA programmes
  • EADA faculty and researchers
  • EADA’s service and administrative staff
  • EADA Alumni Members
  • Former Participants


  • Does the Documentation Centre have any Regulations?

Yes. You can consult them in the Know us.

Document Resources

  • What can I find in the Documentation Centre?

The Documentation Centre houses a great variety of information sources including books, journals, projects, databases and multimedia resources.

  • How can I find documents in the Documentation Centre?

The Documentation Centre provides different tools for finding documents. For books, journals, projects and multimedia resources consult the catalogue. You can access the databases in the databases section. Do not forget to enter the Where to find… section to find out more about where you can locate information.

  • Is there any way of finding out about new purchases?

The New books section provides a list of all the books purchased over the last month. You can request to have this book list sent to you via e-mail by sending us your request to


  • If a book is not available in the Documentation Centre can I ask the Centre to buy it?

The Documentation Centre provides the Contact service where you can send in your requests for document purchases.

The CdD in the Virtual Campus

  • What can I find on the Documentation Centre section?

The Documentation Centre provides several online digital tools and contents through the Virtual Campus, the most widely used of which are the catalogues and the databases. Find out about all the tools and contents from the Virtual Guide.


  • Do I need a code to access the Virtual Campus?

You need to register before you can access all the Documentation Centre contents in the Virtual Campus.

  • I have lost or have forgotten my login code to the Virtual Campus. Can I retrieve it?

From the Virtual Campus click on the “Remember password” option to retrieve your login code.

  • Can I access the electronic resources available on the Virtual Campus from anywhere or must I be on the EADA building?

You can access the Documentation Centre on the Virtual Campus and use its resources from an Internet connection anywhere in the world .


  • Can I borrow documents from the Documentation Centre?

You can take books and multimedia materials out on loan. Read the Regulations to find out the terms and conditions. The projects and the last issue of the magazines cannot be taken out on loan. They are only for reference.

  • What do I need in order to take a document out on loan?

To borrow documents you must show your EADA Card which certifies that you are a member of the EADA Community.

  • How many documents can I take out on loan and for how long?

Depending on your user profile you can take out a different number of documents over a different period of time. Consult the Services section to find out the specifications for your user profile.

  • Can I renew a loan?

You can  your book loans for an extra 15 days as long as no one has reserved the document you have out on loan.
Read the Loan regulations to find out more.

  • Can I reserve a book?

If you want to consult or borrow a document that is out on loan you can reserve it. When the book has been returned we will notify you that it is available. Read the Loan regulationsto find out more.

  • What happens if I return a book late?

Users who return borrowed documents late will be suspended from using the service. Consult the Loan regulations to find out what sanctions are applicable.

  • What happens if I damage or lose the book I have borrowed?

In the event that the user loses a document or returns it in a considerably worn state they must pay the cost of the document or replace it with a new one. The user will be excluded from the loans service until they have done so.

  • Is there an Interlibrary Loans service?

The Interlibrary Loans service is only for Professor and Researcher user profiles.

User training

  • Can I take a training session on the Documentation Centre’s resources and services?

The Documentation Centre staff is there to train you on how to use the services and resources. Send us an email to to ask for a training.

  • Is there anywhere I can find Help guides to the Documentation Centre’s services and resources?

Your will find several resources on the Documentation Centre Website which will help you to use the search tools as well as the help guides. Access the Guides, Where to find…, Plan your search, Tutorials, etc.

  • I have to start the final project for the Master and I don’t know where to begin…

The Documentation Centre’s staff possesses longstanding expertise in helping out with information searches for projects. Please do not hesitate to ask us or send us your query to

Computers and Internet access

  • Are there computers available in the Documentation Centre?

There are three computers in the Documentation Centre which are used for accessing databases and catalogues.

  • Is there an Internet connection in the Documentation Centre?

All the EADA Aragón building has WiFi coverage.

  • Is there a space set aside in the Documentation Centre to work with my laptop?

The Documentation Centre’s consultation points provide a space for working with a laptop and they are equipped with power plugs for your computer.

Photocopies and printing

  • Can I make photocopies in the Documentation Centre?

There is a self-service photocopy machine in the Documentation Centre. To use the photocopy machine you need a card which you can buy from Reprography (First floor).

  • Can I photocopy any document?

You can photocopy parts of books, journal and newspaper articles.

  • Can I print out and scan documents in the Documentation Centre?

The Documentation Centre does not have a printer or a scanner. There is a multi-function photocopy machine on the First floor which makes photocopies, prints and scans. The user instructions for carrying out these different functions are posted on the front of the machine.