Opening hours & services

  • Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00
  • Saturdays from 9:00 to 14:00



Holidays: according to EADA academic calendar.


The Knowledge & Information Centre is a service available to all members of the EADA Community:

  • Active participants of all EADA programs.
  • Professors and researchers of EADA.
  • EADA services and administration staff
  • Members of EADA Alumni.


Environment: Users are encouraged to maintain a quiet study and work environment commensurated with the occupancy of the room by other users. A respectful tract towards other users and staff is required at all times. It is recommended to do group meetings in the work rooms.
Occupation of the space: Study and work spaces are for individual use and can not be reserved or occupied permanently. The staff is not responsible for unattended objects left in the work places, which will be removed if another user needs the space.
Food and drinks: It is not allowed to eat or consume uncovered drinks in the room.
Phone calls and videoconferences: It is recommended not to make phone calls or videoconferences that could annoy other users.
Use of documents: It is required to respect the integrity of documents, appliances and furniture. After its use, the documents consulted in the room must be left in the desk or on the tables. Users should not place the books back on the shelves. For more information consult the DOCUMENTARY FUND USE REGULATIONS


The breach of the regulations, or any other harmful behaviour to the resources or the users, will be warned by the staff, and may lead to the cancellation of the access rights.

Computers and connections

Computers: There are three reference computers available. It is requested to do a rational use of them (in order of arrival and not exceeding one hour of occupation). Two of those computers are reserved prioritarly for EIKON access.

Connections: Tables are equipped with charging sockets (European plug) and USB ports. We have adapters for international plugs.

WiFi: The entire EADA building has WiFi coverage and access to the eduroam network. For guests Wi-Fi ask for the monthly password in the reception or in the Knowledge and Information Centre’s desk.

Photocopies and printing: The Knowledge & Information Centredoes not have a printer or photocopier. Self-service photocopy machines for scan and print are available in Room 34. To use them you must have a printing card that you can buy and recharge at Reception desk.


Loan period: 15 days, extendable up to 5 times.

Document limit:

• 4 books (up to 2 on the same subject)

• 2 journals (except the last number)

• 2 DVDs

Documents with a green label are excluded from loan.


All users can manage their loans through the catalogue. From there you can also renew and reserve any document in loan.


Renewals: Loans may be renewed as long as there is no reservation made by another user.

Reservations: You can reserve a document only when is loaned to another user. Once the document is returned, you will be notified by email and will have a week to collect the document in the library desk. Documents available in the library shelfs can not be reserved.

Returns: It is necessary to renew or return documents within the loan period. A document that is not returned will result in the exclusion of the user’s loan service. If a user loses or returns a document in poor conditions, may be asked to pay his price or buy a new copy.

Checking the loan status of a document: Through the Catalog you can check the loan status of any document. The information appears in the field: “Status”.

Completion of the service: Once the program is finished, participants who wish to continue enjoying the service must register as EADA Alumni members.

Interlibrary loan: The interlibrary loan service is restricted to EADA professors and researchers

Document use and access regulations

The Knowledge & Information Centre provides a wide veriety of information sources, including books, ebooks, magazines, projects, databases and multimedia material.

Access to catalogue

To find books, ebooks, magazines, projects and multimedia material you can check the Catalogue.

Documents in physical format

The documents in physical format (books, magazines, projects, etc) should be correctly managed to asure its integrity and preservation. It is absolutely forbid to underline, write or modify them.

Damage or restitution costs will be charged to the causer person. Stole of a library resource is considered a misdemeanor and leads to the loose of access and usage rights of the service.

Consulted documents should be left on the desk or on the tables. The users should never reshelf the books.


EADA Projects collection is available to all users in digital format through the catalogue. To preserve its copyrights, its reproduction or diffusion is absolutelly forbidden.


Databases have their own Access and usage conditions.

News, suggestions and donations

New books:

In the News section and in the main page you will find a display of the books bought in the last month. If you would like to receive this listing in your email, please send us the request through the contact form.


Suggestion and donation of documents:

Suggestions and donations of documents will be evaluated by our acquisitions team. Their acceptance is conditioned to the budget and existing collection match.

User training

Some programs have a specific session of Information Resources for BusinessCheck the program’s calendar.

In addition, the staff of the Knowledge & Information Centre is available to train you in the usage of services and resources. Contact them through the web form to ask for a specific day for your training.


Under HELP SERVICE you will find several help pages for.
• Working with electronic documents.
• Plan your search for information.
• Quote correctly the sources and documents you use in your search.

Tutorials and guides
In the Databases section you will find help buttons to access guides and tutorials for each one of them.