Copyrights and information resources

All users must respect the copyrights of works that are available via EADA Virtual Campus. Documents under copyright cannot be modified, adapted, manipulated, transformed, translated, nor can works be derived from them without the express permission of the author/s. EADA reserves the right to cut the access to users who infringe the copyrights of information resources.

Information resources licenses

The information resources provided by the Knowledge & information Centre (KIC) are governed by licenses agreed upon between EADA and the information providers, which stipulate that they are for academic use only and that any use for commercial purposes or for professional activities other than the School’s activities, is strictly prohibited. Generally speaking, according to the licenses for electronic resources provided by the KIC, users may not:

  • Allow unauthorised users to access the information resources.
  • Modify or create works derived from the resources without the permission of the copyright holder of the materials.
  • Delete, hide or modify any resources protected by copyright.
  • Use resources under copyright for commercial purposes.
  • Download information resources on mass from the platforms which provide access to them.

Access to the Knowledge & Information Centre services and resources may be denied to anyone who fails to comply with this conditions of use.

In accordance with the corresponding licenses, access to the databases Euromonitor Passport, SABI and Mergermarket is restricted to EADA on-going course participants, faculty and staff.


Market information, comparable statistics, sector reports, market news, market shares, brand shares and consumer surveys from 205 countries, 80 of them exhaustively. Information gathered from over 25,000 sources.


Reports and data on more than 110 countries (PESTLE), industrial sectors (with the 5 Porter forces), international companies (with SWOT analysis), plus merger and acquisition analysis.

Thomson Reuters Eikon

Thomson Reuters Eikon covers all the major financial markets – equity, fixed income, commodities, foreign exchange – and provides effective compliance and risk management, investment management and wealth management solutions.
Eikon also provides economic time series and macro forecasts, real-time and historical pricing data, global financial news and commentary, company data and analysis, financial estimates, M&A transactions and valuation ratios.


ABI/INFORM Complete provides thousands of full-text journals, dissertations, working papers, and key newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times, as well as country and industry profiles.


The Reuters press agency and Dow Jones database. It contains daily information gathered from over 28,000 sources, both general and specialised, from all over the world in 23 languages. It covers the last 10 years. It also features reports on the world’s most important public companies.


It provides data from more that 1,2 million Spanish companies. It enables you to access company financial reports, to carry out comparisons between them, get contact data, lists of sectors, etc.

Global Reference Solution

This database covers more than 200 million companies around the world. It offers access to the commercial information and corporate linkages. It also contains more than 50 segmentations fields to make information searches.


Data on mergers and acquisitions at a global level from all industires. It features analytical tools as well as deals worth over 5 million Euros.

DUNS 50.000

Company directory annually edited that includes marketing information about the main Spanish companies by income volume.


Finance and commercial reports of Spanish companies.


Market reports, company information, opening of businesses, new product launching, nominations… amongst much more content about the Spanish main economic sectors as food, construction, energy, hospitality, health, electronics, etc..

Ebook Central

This is a collection of more than 12.000 electronic books about business and finance. It allows you to create a user profile to save the books consulted and the notes created.

Green File

Information covering all aspects of human impact to the environment. Its collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles includes content on global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more.


The Instituto Nacional de Estadística provides access to the most comprehensive database with statistics information on Spain.


The Institut d’Estadística de Catalunya provides access to the main statistics information database on Catalonia.


Statistics information portal on countries in the EU.

OpenData BCN

Access to the Barcelona city council public data that allow to know the demographic, social, economic aspects amongst other.

World Development Indicators

Access to 298 economic, social, politic and demographic indicators that allow to deeply analyze the situation and make comparisons amongst 209 countries.